mission statement

Here at Fat Cat Magazine, our mission from day one has always been one of collaboration and celebration to bring out the best in ourselves and the artists we feature.


We are very much the new (and kinda uncool) kids on the block, but our driving passion is one of creating a space where differences, eccentricities and creativity can be nurtured and encouraged in all their unfiltered, unburdened glory.


We founded this magazine because we wanted to see a space where opportunities were made available to those with the talent, imagination and sheer tenacity to get their voices heard. That is our goal, and with the help of our dedicated network of supporters and creative contributors, we feel it is one we can more than achieve together. We ourselves are artists, and we know the struggle to be seen, but we feel that in cultivating this community, we can seek out great works and share them with the world. After all, that’s the dream, right?