by Michelle Davey 





You weren’t hard to find,

I watched you argus - eyed as you picked your way along 

the hard shoulder.


I recognised the same silken feathers 

which drew me to you

in our fledgling days.

Albeit now stowed amidst 

a plumage of scruff and ruffle.


We circled one another.

You there, plucking through the carcass of our past

sharp beak, gleaning the gems of our mutual friendships,

stuffing them between the pleaching twig and leaf you made your home.


You had my attention.


You broke the dawn soon after.

Your song lowly yet brazen,

a smear of sapphire across your heart,

shining and bruised.


I sidled nearer.

Near enough to see the maggots in the nest

worming and writhing amongst

silvery wisps of tin foil.

Your head cocked my way.


I cowered under your inky gaze

I searched the beady black wells,

saw you slash and splay my future, 

fleeing whilst I sifted through the mulch of

gluey yolk and cutting shell.

Author Bio

Michelle Davey is a poet, writer and radio presenter from East London. She blogs as the Cockney in the Countryside since her move to the English countryside. Michelle is a mother of 3 and an advocate for autism awareness. She can be found on twitter and Instagram @thecockneybloggirl and at