Frequently Asked Questions: 

“Do you charge for submissions?” 

Nope! Submitting to us is absolutely free of charge, so get sending those emails!

“Do you pay writers for submissions?” 

Sadly, we are unable to pay contributors at this time. Like you, we are also starving artists, running this not-for-profit project as volunteers.


This may change in the future if we acquire funding, but as of this moment, the magazine is run out of our very smol, writerly pockets! 


Despite this, we will always try to be the biggest advocates and supporters of your work.

“How do I contact/submit to you?”

Please send any submissions to:
This is our main point of contact with regards to submitted works, upcoming issue information, or if you just have a query, so feel free to get in touch!

“Where can I find you on social media?” 

You can find us on twitter at the link below!

Twitter -

“Is there a limit on how often I can submit?” 

Absolutely not! While we will only feature one piece of work from you in a single issue, there is nothing to stop you from sending us multiple pieces, and we welcome frequent contributors. It is our passion after all, so the more you send, the more we get to read!

"Do you accept previously published work?"


"After the issue is out, my work is still mine though, right?"

Absolutely! You retain all rights to your creative work and after the issue is out, you're free to submit it wherever you like!

“Where can my work be seen, once accepted?” 

All of our issues, past and current, are featured on our website ( and can be viewed for free at any time. You can find them under the section marked “issues”!

“How often do you release an issue?” 

Currently, we don't have an exact schedule, although we aim for at least four issues a year.


Keep your eyes peeled on our twitter for updates on issue progress!

“How long until I hear back about a submission?”

We always try to reply as soon as we can, but if we have received a lot of submissions, we can be a little delayed. If you have submitted and haven’t yet heard from us, then please bear with us, as we make a point of replying to everyone who takes the time to contact us!

“Are there any restrictions?”

The only restriction we have is that it has to be under 1000 words, but other than that you can write whatever you like - the weirder the better!

“Anything else I need to know?” 

Should you encounter a problem of any kind during this process, then please feel free to get in touch. We appreciate your feedback, and we also like to help where we can.